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Managing Human Resources in Construction

The rapid political, economical, legal, technological and competitive changes in the business environment necessitated the importance of the teamwork as a cornerstone for any organisation aims to remain in market and compete for the future. Because of the important role it plays as the first line of contact with clients in the construction industry, design firms have to strive on building effective architectural teams. Building such teams begins with choosing the right people who perceive that working together is the best way to achieve the client's and organisation's objectives. This could be accomplished through the accurate planning, recruitment and selection of the team members needed. Training programmes and motivation techniques are essential for improving team members' skills, enhancing their abilities and increasing their productivity towards delivering successful projects. Besides establishing the principles of the team building process, this book presents results of a field study carried out on a sample of design firms in the United Arab Emirates to investigate the perception and application of the team building process in design firms.

Author: Ayman Ahmed Ezzat Othman
ISBN: 9783838390987
Pages: 316 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 35.46 Mb


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