Download HVAC Control : Modelling, Analysis and Design – Chris P. Underwood pdf

HVAC Control : Modelling, Analysis and Design

This important new book bridges the gap between works on classical control and process control, and those dealing with HVAC control at a more elementary level, which generally adopt a qualitative and descriptive control. Both advanced level students and specialist practitioners will welcome the in-depth analytical treatment of the subject presented in this volume. Of particular significance are the current developments in adaptive control, robust control, artificial neural networks and fuzzy logic systems, all of which are given a thorough analytical treatment in the book. * First book to provide an analytical treatment of subject * Covers all new developments in HVAC control systems * Looks at systems both in the UK and abroad

Author: Chris P. Underwood
ISBN: 9780419209805
Pages: 352 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 15.30 Mb


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