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Fundamentals of Structural Analysis

Analysis of structures is essential to check the response of the structures under applied loads. Without structural analysis, it is impossible to say something about the response and capacity of a structure under applied loads. Different methods are available for structural analysis and their use depends upon the importance, sensitivity of structural loads and nature of the structure. In this book all possible efforts have been made to analyze the indeterminate structures like Beams, Frames, arches e.t.c. using; 1. Classical Methods of Analysis (Manual solution techniques) 2. Universal Testing Frame 3. Computer Aided Analysis. The basic aim of this work is to use Universal Testing Frame for analysis of different structures and to compare the results obtained thus with other methods of analysis. Other methods are also used to get all possible results of structural analysis under same loading conditions. The results are compared at the end to show the difference in three different methods employed.

Author: Dr Raja Rizwan Hussain, Engr Imran Razzaq
ISBN: 9783639223088
Pages: 132 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 20.19 Mb


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