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Heritage Strategy Planning Handbook

Strategies for the conservation and revitalization of buildings and districts have preoccupied the international community for decades. This book summarizes the five major legislative approaches, the treaties and international declarations (including The Habitat Agenda 1996), outlining how to deal with these properties, e.g. in light of "sustainable development." Positive and negative examples from some twenty jurisdictions are cited, but they are seldom "place specific." Indeed, most of the problems and their solutions could occur in almost any country on earth."Most European literature on monument conservation deals exclusively with the powers of public authorities. Marc Denhez s book gives equal space to existing political and legal frameworks, but always with an eye on the potential end-user, the citizen. This conspicuously practical approach is the book s first advantage; the second, for a European reader, is that it opens new horizons beyond the old Euro-centric view of the subject."- Peter Rupp, Minister of Culture (France) Advisor to the Council of Europe"

Author: Marc C Denhez, Denhez Marc
ISBN: 9781550022834
Pages: 72 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 31.53 Mb


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