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Construction Materials

Thoroughly revised and updated, the third edition of this popular textbook continues to provide a comprehensive coverage of the main construction materials for undergraduate students of civil engineering and construction related courses. It creates an understanding of materials and how they perform through a knowledge of their chemical and physical structure, leading to an ability to judge their behaviour in service and construction. Materials covered include; metals and alloys, concrete, bituminous materials, brickwork and blockwork, polymers and fibre composites. Each material is discussed in terms of: structure; strength and failure; durability; deformation; practice and processing. The sections on concrete, polymers and fibre composites have been significantly revised. Descriptions of important properties are related back to the structure and forward to basic practical considerations. With its wealth of illustrations and reader-friendly style and layout Construction Materials, third edition is ideal both for students on construction-related courses and for professionals in civil engineering and other related disciplines.Dr I McColl, Dr J R Moon, Dr P L J Domone, Professor D G Bonner, Dr R C de Vekey, Professor L Hollaway, Professor D J Hannant and Professor J M Dinwoodie

Author: J. M. Illston, P. L. J. Domone
ISBN: 9780419258506
Pages: 584 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 36.70 Mb


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