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Blast Effects on Buildings

The second edition has been fully revised and augmented to reflect significant developments in the field of blast engineering since the early 1990s. Combining coverage of the most up-to-date design standards, codes and materials with a detailed appreciation of the needs and demands of the designer, this book provides the engineer with a single and comprehensive source of reference for all the main elements of blast engineering design in modern practice. Industry-accepted methods for the design of glazing to resist blast loading are published for the first time, as well as a new chapter on hostile vehicle mitigation techniques. Guidance on structural steelwork and reinforced concrete design is extended and enhanced, supplemented with material on design in new materials such as steel-concrete-steel composites, this latter addition being published for the first time.Key features of this second edition: expanded guidance to cover the design against blast from both high explosive detonations and deflagrations due to industrial, vapour cloud and dust explosions; structural design guidance and worked examples updated and aligned in full accordance with the Eurocodes; previously unavailable design practice for steel-concrete-steel composite construction; important new coverage of the design of glazing to resist blast loading; extensive guidance on the design of hostile vehicle mitigation methods; discussion of the design of building services to counter the effects of blast loading; and, description of modern good practice on protected spaces, corporate resilience and emergency planning.

Author: David Cormie, Geoff C. Mays, Peter D. Smith
ISBN: 9780727735218
Pages: 356 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 26.84 Mb


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