Download Up and Running with AutoCAD 2017 : 2D and 3D Drawing and Modeling – Elliot Gindis pdf

Up and Running with AutoCAD 2017 : 2D and 3D Drawing and Modeling

Up and Running with AutoCAD 2017: 2D and 3D Drawing and Modeling presents Gindis' combination of step-by-step instruction, examples, and insightful explanations. The emphasis from the beginning is on core concepts and practical application of AutoCAD in engineering, architecture, and design. Equally useful in instructor-led classroom training, self-study, or as a professional reference, the book is written with the user in mind by a long-time AutoCAD professional and instructor based on what works in the industry and the classroom. * Strips away complexities and reduces AutoCAD to easy-to-understand basic concepts* Teaches only what is essential in operating AutoCAD, thereby immediately building student confidence* Fully covers the essentials of both 2D and 3D in one affordable easy to read volume* Presents basic commands in a documented, step-by-step guide on what to type in and how AutoCAD responds * Includes several complementary video lectures by the author that accompany both 2D and 3D sections

Author: Elliot Gindis
ISBN: 9780128110584
Pages: 776 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 11.74 Mb


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