Download Laxton's Building Price Book 2003 – V.B. Johnson pdf

Laxton's Building Price Book 2003

Established in 1817 and published annually since 1828, Laxton's guide gives the maximum amount of pricing information in a simple format, making it a useful tool for everyone involved in the financial control of construction projects. Responding to customer requests, the 2003 edition features many extra prices, and brings together many hundreds of prices for repairs and reconstruction into a single easy-to-use section, complementing existing sections on major and minor works. To ensure accuracy, all 250,000 price elements have been individually checked and updated for the 2003 edition so that your estimates are always accurate and cost competitive. "Laxton's" makes analytical estimating simple and straightforward by displaying a complete breakdown for all measured items under 10 separate headings, all on a single page. This shows you a complete price build-up at a glance – and gives you the option to make price adjustments wherever necessary. You can find the sections you need quickly and easily, via the special marker system on the front cover and page edges.

Author: V.B. Johnson
ISBN: 9780750647397
Pages: 1488 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 28.22 Mb


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