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Building Cost Planning for the Design Team

"When will I get it? How much will it cost?" For the client, these are the two most critical questions. Cost Planning answers these questions and is crucial to the team working on the design and construction of a project. This introductory text on building economics and cost planning provides the reader with the fundamental skills and knowledge to operate as a building professional in the area of economic advice and decision making at the project level. Cost planning is not an esoteric area for specialists alone, but a core skill for the whole design team. Starting from the environment in which cost planning and design activities take place, the book works through the cost planning process in theory and practice, discussing the issues involved from a design team and client perspective. With analysis of key concepts related to cost control such as life cycle costing, value management, cost modelling and accuracy, and integration of estimating techniques, the authors provide an unequalled introduction to a crucial aspect of professional construction management.

Author: Jim Smith, D. M. Jaggar
ISBN: 9781138130395
Pages: 416 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 20.64 Mb


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