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Spon's Landscape and External Works Price Book 2001

This 20th edition of Spon's Landscape and External Works Price Book has been enlarged to include revisions to both the measured work and the approximate estimating sections. Rates in both sections have been checked and benchmarked against DL&E Tenders. New in the measured work section: *Complete revision of all existing suppliers' products *Prices, including labour rates, updated in line with current trends *Addition of new, upgraded or replacement products on the market *Reworking of current item build-ups to include new methods of installation. New in the Approximate Estimating section: *Major revision with the addition of many new items not previously covered *New items recompiled based on prices in external works section In addition to the new features above, Spons' Landscape and External Works Price Books 20th Edition covers: *Material and measured work prices covering contract items from site clearance to planting with full breakdown into labour, materials and so on.*Soft landscape works: grassed areas, planting, aquatics, forestry, and maintenance period prices for grass, planning and tree work *Full coverage of external construction work: walls, fences, barriers, bollards, steps, car parks, paving, etc. and prices for land and surface water drainage and piped services. *Playgrounds, sport and recreation work, lighting, seating, and water features including fountains, pools and lakes. *Detailed guidance on wage rates, landscape consultant's fee scales, British Standards and recent legislation *Free updates on the web www

Author: Davis Langdon & Everest
ISBN: 9780415242820
Pages: 436 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 35.81 Mb


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