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Forts for Kids

A dreamer's handbook for kids-and parents-offering practical results All kids love the idea of a hideaway-a place that is theirs, no parents allowed. But how on earth can they actually build one? In Forts for Kids, an inspirational yet practical guide, David Stiles, the most trusted authority on DIY building projects, shows them how. Assuming no previous experience from the fort builder, the book starts with the basics for kids and their parents: how to buy wood, and essential skills such as sawing and nailing. It includes a brief history of forts and more than twenty projects ranging from the simple (a blanket and umbrella fort) to the more challenging (a stockade fort). The book even includes forts made of snow, sand, or branches. An accessories section features projects that can be made in just a few hours, such as a slide, swing, catapult, periscope, cannon, and water balloon launcher.

Author: David Stiles
ISBN: 9780762764532
Pages: 96 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 16.88 Mb


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