Download Fire Safety and Buildings – John L. Sturges, Malcolm Bell pdf

Fire Safety and Buildings

The book will cover the range of topics set out in the National Core Curriculum in Fire Safety Studies, from the basic physics and chemistry of fire to hazard assessment, human behaviour in fire and legislation. The structure of the book follows that of the National Core Curriculum and each chapter will include a series of questions to help students evaluate their understanding. There will be some numerical content to enable quick estimates of the various types of hazards encountered in buildings. However, the emphasis throughout will be on providing practical tools for the reader. With plenty of illustrations to clarify points and written in a detailed but practical way, it will be useful to both senior construction students and practising building professionals.

Author: John L. Sturges, Malcolm Bell
ISBN: 9780632063734
Pages: 224 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 30.68 Mb


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