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Emergency Response to Chemical and Biological Agents

With the increasing availability of biological and chemical materials, the threat of terrorism grows daily. Innocent bystanders – the major targets of terrorists because they gain the most publicity – create a vast number of potential victims. In our changing world, horrendous violence has become commonplace. The growth of incidences involving chemical and biological agents has created a need for local response teams to be aware of the dangers they face."Emergency Response to Chemical and Biological Agents" serves as a training manual for emergency responders who handle incidents involving biological and chemical hazardous materials. The author covers poisons such as nerve, blood, blister, and choking gases and biological agents such as anthrax, typhus, and cholera. Using examples ripped from the headlines, he explains what is and is not a terrorist act, and the difference in handling each incident. In addition the author explains the standard operating procedures of Hazardous Materials Teams before, during, and after an incident. Whether terrorist act or chemical spill, local responders usually reach the scene first.As these incidents multiply – and they will – these teams will need a blueprint for dealing with chemical and biological materials. "Emergency Response to Chemical and Biological Agents" provides a clear, concise plan of action for responding to these incidents.

Author: John R. Cashman
ISBN: 9781566703550
Pages: 366 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 37.64 Mb


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