Download Clinical Leadership : From A to Z – Dickon Weir-Hughes pdf

Clinical Leadership : From A to Z

The definitive guide to clinical leadership, by Dickon Weir-Hughes, the Chief Executive of the NMC. Dickon takes a unique slant on the teaching of Leadership and Management through an A-Z format, making this subject very accessible. The book provides a helpful and practical summary of the key leadership principles within healthcare. Dickon has drawn on his personal experience of the 'sharp end' of clinical leadership in a number of organisations. Utilising his experience as a leadership programme facilitator, mentor and coach. he understands the need for students and practitionners to grasp leadership concepts and terminology, to assess their competence against such a framework and to have some suggestions for taking forward personal development. This book fulfils that in and accessible and novel way.

Author: Dickon Weir-Hughes
ISBN: 9780273751564
Pages: 192 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 16.16 Mb


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