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Audubon House : Building the Environmentally Responsible, Energy-efficient Office

A new paradigm for environmentally sound construction. A source of inspiration for those concerned for the environment. Audubon House Audubon House tells the story of how a dedicated team of architects, environmentalists, engineers, research scientists, interior designers, and contractors transformed a 19th-century structure in downtown Manhattan into one of the most energy-efficient, environmentally-responsible office buildings ever designed. Sixty percent more energy efficient than a conventional office building, built at market cost using only off-the-shelf technology and materials, and supporting an extraordinarily healthy office environment, Audubon House has been hailed as the antidote for many of this century's unhealthy and inefficient building practices. Richly illustrated with professional photographs and architectural drawings, Audubon House is both a working model for building professionals and an affirmation of the belief that we can alter our destructive environmental course without sacrificing economic competitiveness.Advance Praise for Audubon House "Audubon House illustrates a shining example of the future of architecture: a future where energy efficiency and the preservation of natural, historic, and human resources are the key to creating spaces that are cost-effective, healthy, beautiful, and magical." –Amory B. Lovins Director of Research, Rocky Mountain Institute "The Audubon House is an embodiment of the hope that humanity will find its proper place within the natural world. What a delight that this practical model can be shared so thoroughly and splendidly. I applaud this important contribution to the art of design for sustainability and encourage one and all to enjoy its inspiration." –William McDonough, AIA Principal, William McDonough Architects Author of The Hannover Principles–Design for Sustainability "A fine book. This shows it can be done–efficiency does not mean a retreat to a lower quality of life." –Dr. Paul R. Ehrlich Bing Professor of Population Studies Department of Biological Sciences Stanford University "A very model of a guide to a major modern building! At last we have the book on the building that shows us what sustainable architecture is and should be."–Jon and Alex Naar, authors of This Land Is Your Land: A Guide to North America's Endangered Ecosystems

Author: National Audubon Society, Architects Croxton Collaborative
ISBN: 9780471024965
Pages: 240 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 25.30 Mb


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