Download Effective Press Relations for the Built Environment : A Practical Guide – Helen Elias pdf

Effective Press Relations for the Built Environment : A Practical Guide

This practical guide explains to architects, engineers, designers and other consultants how to establish press plans for firms and for individual projects, and how to actively develop reputation by getting work published in the architectural, engineering and construction press. With quotes, advice and opinions from the industry's key journalists – including expert image generation and selection advice from Gareth Gardner, photo-journalist and past editor of FX and Features editor of Building Design – Effective Press Relations for the Built Environment, offers practical guidance on topics such as: * how to approach planning a strategy for a project * how to write, seek approval, build a target press list and issue the information to magazines * how to speak to the press * how to manage a crisis and handle bad press. With its hands-on approach and comprehensive publications, architectural photographers and PR consultants listings, this book is an invaluable tool for new starters, or larger firms that want to take a more pro-active role in generating their own publicity, while also helping practices to get the most from their press relations consultant.

Author: Helen Elias
ISBN: 9780415348676
Pages: 208 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 18.86 Mb


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