Download Mouldmaking and Casting : A Technical Manual – Nick Brooks pdf

Mouldmaking and Casting : A Technical Manual

Mouldmaking and Casting is a technical manual of the many techniques of this ancient craft and art form. With step-by-step illustrations, it explains the materials required and the processes involved to create reproductions of a range of pieces. The book covers traditional techniques as well as today's more advanced technical methods. Topics covered include: Plaster waste and multipiece moulding Silicone and vinyl moulds Clay press moulds Casting from a life model Wax casting Polyester resins and fibre glass Cold-cast metal casting Cement casting Written in a clear, practical style it gives invaluable instruction for artists, model makers, sculptors and craftspeople.

Author: Nick Brooks
ISBN: 9781861266682
Pages: 160 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 36.05 Mb


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