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Construction Technology 1: House Construction

Construction Technology 1: House Construction is a widely used and popular textbook designed specifically to support the study of domestic house construction at undergraduate degree and HNC/HND level. This third edition has been thoroughly revised to reflect new technology and construction methods. Its student-friendly layout and features take you through each step of the building process from planning to internal finishes. Construction Technology 1: House Construction * has a clear and accessible text structure for ease of use, with each chapter including definitions of key terms, review tasks and reflective summaries * features a wealth of case studies drawn from real-life building sites * includes comparative studies that allow critical evaluation of different build details or design solutions * includes an entirely new chapter on sustainable construction * uses an enhanced page layout, with improved figures and new photos, including a new plate section of colour photos A companion website featuring photographs and outline answers to the review tasks can be found at:

Author: Mike Riley, Alison Cotgrave
ISBN: 9781137030177
Pages: 392 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 27.51 Mb


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