Download Predictive & Optimised Life Cycle Management : Buildings & Infrastructure – Asko Sarja pdf

Predictive & Optimised Life Cycle Management : Buildings & Infrastructure

Predictive and Optimised Life-Cycle Management sets out methodologies to meet the demands of the current trend towards sustainable civil engineering and building. Encompassing all aspects of construction practice, from design through to demolition and the recycling of materials, Sarja provides tools for optimal property-value protection, including a description of an integrated and predictive Life-Cycle Maintenance and Management Planning System (LMS), which employs a wide range of techniques. Clear and practical, this guide provides effective methodology required to change a reactive system of management to a predictive one, which will benefit practitioners and students involved in construction, from the architect to local and government authorities; from design engineers to facility managers.

Author: Asko Sarja
ISBN: 9780415353939
Pages: 688 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 27.64 Mb


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