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Modern Methods of Construction

Modern Methods of Construction is a Dissertation that reviews the changing methods of construction used in the Irish construction industry in recent years. Modern methods of construction are being widely used in lieu of traditional methods and this dissertation aims to determine the affect they are having on the construction industry. The dissertation assesses the issues that have hindered traditional construction methods and the factors that encouraged the growth of modern methods of construction. There also is an insight provided on modern methods of construction covering aspects such as their background, development and the advantages they possess over traditional methods and the actual types of methods being implemented. An extensive amount of field research was carried out to capture the opinions and attitudes of contractors and construction professionals, who are directly involved in the industry. This established that the construction industry is going through a fundamental change by embracing innovative construction methods as the way forward for the industry.

Author: Michael Gallagher
ISBN: 9783639255577
Pages: 128 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 28.00 Mb


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