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Documenting Lessons Learned in the Building Construction Industry

This book presents a taxonomy (BCTAXO) used to support a semantic environment in the building construction industry. BCTAXO is an extension of e-COGNOS core taxonomy and has inherited its skeleton. This book employed IDEF0 and UML methods to analyze processes and develop object models for different systems, by which relevant concepts and their semantic relationships are captured. BCTAXO took into account some existing classification systems in this industry and absorbed concepts from an extensive range as a supplement. All these concepts are categorized into nine superclasses and their subclasses, according to an object-oriented process-centered approach. To validate the BCTAXO project, a well-designed survey was conducted and eight experienced industry experts with different backgrounds and areas of expertise were interviewed. The research objectives are acknowledged by the survey result.

Author: Jinyue Zhang
ISBN: 9783838315133
Pages: 120 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 22.64 Mb


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