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Revitalising Construction Project Procurement

Contrary to the notion of focusing on various tools and techniques, this book emphasises on the softer skills in demonstrating that relationships among contracting parties are crucial to effective management of construction projects. Successful project delivery and management of unforeseen events need collaborative efforts of integrated project teams. Team members need to be selected and conditioned using appropriate relational protocols, so that they can mobilise their collective efforts towards common project objectives. Contracting parties will then be able to jointly identify and plan for the potential areas of concerns and their solutions; and share relevant burdens and benefits. Suitable cliental initiatives will force potential project partners to adopt such practice, which will gradually lead to overall industry development. These are demonstrated through a series of questionnaire surveys, case study and interviews of industry experts, which led to a relational framework for project delivery and industry development. Research students, academics and practitioners will find this book useful.

Author: Motiar Rahman
ISBN: 9783838305349
Pages: 336 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 23.77 Mb


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