Download Integration of Bim and Rfid in Steel Construction – HAIYAN XIE, DAVID (WEI) SHI, Raja R a Issa pdf

Integration of Bim and Rfid in Steel Construction

The construction industry faces the challenge of synthesizing information and deriving insight from massive, dynamic, ambiguous, and possibly conflicting digital data. Various data models and algorithms have been proposed and implemented to examine data, acquire information, and derive understanding from the information. They usually focus on one or several aspects of the design, procurement, construction, and maintenance phases of a project. Examples of those systems include interactive design systems, decision support systems, and 3D simulations. The focus of the book is to investigate and develop the framework of using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) for the decision-making process in steel construction. It has the potential to improve compatibility of the software and database used in projects. The significance of the book is in helping user to select an optimal plan for fabrication, delivery and erection; enabling data stakeholders to detect the expected information and discover the unexpected situations in massive data sets; developing a BIM zoning plan for jobsite safety control; and describing a RFID, GIS, and GPS future system.

Author: HAIYAN XIE, DAVID (WEI) SHI, Raja R a Issa
ISBN: 9783843363563
Pages: 200 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 11.66 Mb


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