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Buckling of Thin Metal Shells

Thin-walled metal shell structures are highly efficient in their use of material, but they are particularly sensitive to failure by buckiling. Many different forms of buckling can occur for different geometries and different loading conditions. Because this field of knowledge is both complex and industrially important, it is of great interest and concern in a wide range of industries. This book presents a compilation and synthesis of a wealth of research, experience and knowledge of the subject. Information that was previously widely scattered throughout the literature is assembled in a concise and convenient form that is easy to understand, and state-of-the-art research findings are thoroughly examined. This book is useful for those involved in the structural design of silos, tanks, pipelines, biodigestors, chimneys, towers, offshore platforms, aircraft and spacecraft. Buckling of Thin Metal Shells is essential reading for designers, researchers and code writers involved with thin-walled metal shell structures.

Author: J. G. Teng, J. M. Rotter
ISBN: 9780419241904
Pages: 520 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 25.45 Mb


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