Download Hvac Energy Audit and Balancing Forms Manual – Herb Wendes pdf

Hvac Energy Audit and Balancing Forms Manual

Developed over the course of many years of practical projects involving HVAC energy auditing, testing/balancing and cost estimating, and refined through feedback from thousands of engineers and technicians who have used them, the forms contained in this manual are concise, comprehensive and optimally organized for easy reference. Now compiled for the first time in a single reference, the forms will save the user countless hours assimilating and organizing data acquired during auditing, testing, balancing, adjusting and otherwise evaluating virtually all types of HVAC systems. Cover sheets for reports are also included facilitating the preparation of a professional looking package for presentation of results.

Author: Herb Wendes
ISBN: 9780132544269
Pages: 242 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 25.92 Mb


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