Download Green Building Products : The Greenspec Guide to Residential Building Materials – Alex Wilson, Mark Piepkorn pdf

Green Building Products : The Greenspec Guide to Residential Building Materials

Interest in sustainable, green building practices is greater than ever. Whether concerned about allergies, energy costs, old-growth forests, or durability and long-term value, homeowners and builders are looking for ways to ensure that their homes are healthy, safe, beautiful, and efficient. In these pages you will find descriptions and manufacturer contact information for more than 1400 environmentally preferable products and materials from ag-fibre panels to zero-VOC paints. All phases of residential construction, from sitework to flooring to renewable energy, are covered. Products are grouped by function, and each chapter begins with a discussion of key environmental considerations, and what to look for in a green product.Categories of products include: Sitework and landscaping; Outdoor structures; Decking; Foundations, footers and slabs; Structural systems and components; Sheathing; Exterior finish and trim; Roofing; Doors and windows; Insulation; Flooring and floor coverings; Interior finish and trim; Caulks and adhesives; Paints and coatings; Mechanical systems/HVAC; Plumbing, electrical and lighting; Appliances; Furniture and furnishings; Renewable energy; Distributors and retailers. A miscellaneous section also lists products for hazardous materials testing and remediation, insect control, recycling, and wood products certification. An index of products and manufacturers makes for easy navigation. There is no more comprehensive resource for both the engaged homeowner, as well as all those who design and build homes.

Author: Alex Wilson, Mark Piepkorn
ISBN: 9780865715431
Pages: 306 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 30.44 Mb


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