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HomeTech Handyman Cost Estimator : Indiana 3, Terre Haute & Vicinity

The HomeTech Publishing Remodeling & Renovation Cost Estimator puts an entire estimating system in your hands that lets you estimate complete jobs in 20% of the time it takes using the old fashioned stick method. Using this manual, you will have specifications for hundreds of jobs at your fingertips and get fast, easy access to labor and material costs for virtually every job you'll ever do. We publish books for over 200 local regions of the country, each one containing costs specific to those individual areas, assuring that the costs you use are accurate for your local area. We have organized the best unit cost information in the industry into 25 categories designed specifically for remodelers, organized in the same order that you build a remodeling project. This allows you to mentally walk through each step of the production process while doing an estimate and catch all the small items that you might otherwise miss with other methods of estimating.

Author: Hometech Publishing
ISBN: 9781628142662
Pages: 299 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 16.45 Mb


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