Download Firefighter's Handbook Skills DVD Series – Delmar Cengage Learning pdf

Firefighter's Handbook Skills DVD Series

Lively skills-based video plus exciting graphics and animations create a valuable resource for key firefighter certification skills. The four-part DVD series begins with two discs devoted to "Firefighter I", and then follows with discs for "Firefighter II" and "Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations". Each disc contains short, targeted clips that demonstrate critical skills required for a certification exam and provide background information and safety considerations for the task at hand. Ideal for use as a reinforcement of classroom knowledge or as a tool for preparing for drills on the training ground, the "Firefighter's Handbook Skills DVD Series" offers the perfect enhancement to any firefighter training program. All DVDs are available for individual purchase, or as a set.

Author: Delmar Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781428310858
Pages: 250 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 37.28 Mb


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