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Self-Consolidating High Performance Concrete with Rice Husk Ash

Self-consolidating high performance concrete (SCHPC) is a special concrete that spreads through congested reinforcement and fills every corner of the formwork under self-weight, provides high strength, and shows good durability. It is produced by exploiting the benefits of high-range water reducer and supplementary cementing materials such as silica fume, fly ash, and rice husk ash. The development of SCHPC with rice husk ash is the main theme of this book. It gives readers a thorough understanding of the key aspects of SCHPC. The properties of the material, binder paste, and mortar components of SCHPC are discussed in this book. In addition, this book discusses the key properties of fresh and hardened SCHPCs including segregation resistance, highlights the effects of rice husk ash, and provides empirical models for filling ability and compressive strength. It also gives a mixture design method for SCHPC. This book is particularly suitable for researchers and engineers who deal with SCHPC. It will also be a valuable reference for all professionals working with concrete. Above all, this book will guide the concrete industry to produce SCHPC with and without rice husk ash.

Author: MD Safiuddin
ISBN: 9783639145069
Pages: 328 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 20.08 Mb


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