Download Civil Drafting Technology – David A. Madsen, Terence M. Shumaker, David P. Madsen pdf

Civil Drafting Technology

Civil Drafting Technology Seventh Edition covers it all-basic and advanced topics-and everything in between, equipping readers to convert engineering sketches or instructions into actual formal drawings and gain a working knowledge of mapping. Using a "knowledge building" format where one concept is mastered before the next is introduced, Civil Drafting Technology includes: * Basic Drafting Topics* Maps: fundamentals, types of maps, scales, symbols* CADD: use, standards, applications * Intermediate/Advanced Topics* Measuring distance and elevation, Surveying, Location & Direction, Legal Descriptions and Plot Plans, Contour Lines, Horizontal Alignment Layout, GIS* Career Development* Schooling, Employment, Workplace Ethics, Professional Organizations* CADD Applications* Content-related Tests* Real-world drafting and design problems

Author: David A. Madsen, Terence M. Shumaker, David P. Madsen
ISBN: 9780135000687
Pages: 456 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 15.11 Mb


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